Gas Cylinder Cage: Optional Shelf
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Our cages are available with additional shelves, helping you segregate items or create multi-layered storage.

Please add to your order with your gas cage.


Cage Code Half Shelf (-HS) Full Shelf (-FS)
GC05 N/A N/A
GC14 N/A £40
GC15 N/A As Standard
GC20 N/A £50
GC22 N/A £60
GC25 £60 £60
GC30 £60 £60
GC35 £80 £80
GC40 £90 N/A
GC45 £90 N/A

Additional information

Optional Shelf

GC14-FS – Full Shelf, GC20-FS – Full Shelf, GC22-FS – Full Shelf, GC25-FS – Full Shelf, GC30-FS – Full Shelf, GC35-FS – Full Shelf, GC25-HS – Half Shelf, GC30-HS – Half Shelf, GC35-HS – Half Shelf, GC40-HS – Half Shelf, GC45-HS – Half Shelf, GC50-HS – Half Shelf, GC55-HS – Half Shelf