Cylinder Size Guide

GC06 - Small - 3 x 19kg

GC06 – Small – 3 x 19kg – £245

GC25 - Medium 9 x 19kg

GC25 – Medium 9 x 19kg – £375

GC55 - Large 24 x 47kg

GC55 – Large 24 x 47kg – £620

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Cylinder Type/Size Height Diameter
Cylinder sizes may vary depending on manufacturer
Butane: 4.5kg 340mm 240mm
Butane: 6kg BBQ Gas 314mm 306mm
Butane: 7kg 495mm 256mm
Butane: 13kg 560mm 310mm
Butane: 15kg 580mm 318mm
Propane: 3.9kg 340mm 240mm
Propane: 5kg Patio Gas 314mm 306mm
Propane: 6kg 495mm 256mm
Propane: 9kg 460mm 315mm
Propane: 11kg 560mm 310mm
Propane: 12kg 560mm 310mm
Propane: 13kg Patio Gas 580mm 315mm
Propane: 13kg 580mm 315mm
Propane: 18kg 810mm 315mm
Propane: 19kg 810mm 315mm
Propane: 47kg 1290mm 375mm
Carbon Dioxide: VB/LB – 22kg 500mm 140mm
Carbon Dioxide: LR/VR – 44kg 870mm 200mm
Carbon Dioxide: VK/LK – 99kg 1500mm 230mm
Carbon Dioxide: 7lb 500mm 150mm
Carbon Dioxide: 14lb 850mm 150mm
Carbon Dioxide: 28lb 900mm 200mm
Carbon Dioxide Mixtures 50L / Size L 1540mm 230mm
Acetylene: K – 8kg 340mm 170mm
Acetylene: M – 15kg 570mm 170mm
Acetylene: J – 31kg 710mm 200mm
Acetylene: D – 59kg 1050mm 210mm
Acetylene: F – 96kg 1200mm 260mm
Acetylene: G – 97kg 1200mm 260mm
Acetylene: H – 83kg 1120mm 290mm
Oxygen Integral Valve: CD – 3.5kg 520mm 100mm
Oxygen Integral Valve: ZD – 4.06kg 525mm 101mm
Oxygen Integral Valve: HX – 14kg 930mm 140mm
Oxygen Integral Valve: ZX – 14kg 930mm 143mm
Oxygen Integral Valve: ZH (2) – 14kg 595mm 175mm
Oxygen Integral Valve: DF (2) – 12kg 690mm 175mm
Oxygen Integral Valve: ZA – 1.75kg 390mm 85mm
Oxygen Integral Valve: ZB – 2.7kg 390mm 85mm
Oxygen Integral Valve: ZC (2) – 2.7kg 390mm 85mm
Oxygen Integral Valve: AD (1) – 4kg 480mm 100mm
Oxygen Integral Valve: DD (2) – 3.5kg 520mm 100mm
Oxygen Standard Valve: AZ – 2.5kg 290mm 106mm
Oxygen Standard Valve: C – 2.5kg 430mm 89mm
Oxygen Standard Valve: D – 3.9kg 535mm 102mm
Oxygen Standard Valve: E – 6.5kg 865mm 102mm
Oxygen Standard Valve: J – 78kg 1320mm 229mm
Oxygen Standard Valve: AF (2) – 12kg 670mm 175mm
Oxygen Standard Valve: F – 17kg 930mm 140mm
Oxygen Standard Valve: G – 39kg 1320mm 178mm


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Please note:  The gas cage wizard is for guidance purposes only.  Please satisfy yourself that the gas cage is suitable for the cylinders and the amount of cylinders you wish to store.