Q) Can I pay via BACS?

To arrange payment via BACS please contact us.

Q) What size cage do I need?

A) Please refer to the product description for suggested usage or see our Cylinder Size Chart to calculate which cage best suits your requirement. Alternatively, why not try our Gas Cage Wizard to help you calculate the most suitable sized cage for your bottles.

Q Do I need a Gas Cage with painted finish or a galvanised finish?

A) The finish is dependent on your application. A galvanised finish is best suited to withstand the weather conditions of external use whereas a powder coated finish is more suitable for use indoors. Many people will still choose a painted finish to be used outdoors. When used outdoors a powder coated cage may show signs of surface corrosion after time.

Q) How easy is it to construct a Gas Cage?

A) Our Gas Cages are very easy to construct and depending on the size will take 1 – 2 people between 10 – 30 minutes to build with a pair of spanners or socket set. An installation guide is available here.

Q) Can the Gas Cage / Cabinet be fixed to the ground?

A) All of our Gas Cages and Cabinets come with holes pre-drilled for mounting onto a solid surface (mounting bolts not included but can be supplied at additional cost).

Q) Can I order a cage or cabinet in any colour?

  • Gas Cages and Gas Cabinets are available in a galvanised finish or Black, Blue or Red in a powder coated finish. If you have a specific requirement please Contact Us.
  • We hold stock of AsGas Solid Cabinets in Dark Green (Brown and Ivory also available)
  • TriStore colour is only available in two tone Green.
  • High Security gas cages are only available in a galvanised finish.

Q) Are the Gas Cages / Cabinets supplied with Health & Safety Signage?

A) All of our Gas Cages / Cabinets are supplied with Health & Safety Signage. Alternative signage available at additional cost. Please check availability.

Q) How long until I receive my order?

  • Standard Size Gas Cages (Powder Coated), approximately 5 working days.
  • Gas Cages (Galvanised Finish), approximately 5-8 working days.
  • Bespoke Gas Cages, approximately 7-10 working days.
  • Solid Gas Cabinets AsGas in Green, 10 working days.
    • Ivory or Brown approximately 4 working weeks.
  • Solid Gas Cabinet TriStore in two tone Green, 2-3 working days.
  • High Security Gas Cages, approximately 3-4 working weeks.
  • Cylinder Handling Equipment, approximately 5-10 working days.

Q) How will my order be packaged?

A) Gas Cages will arrive flat packed. Larger items will arrive palletised.

Q) Can Gas Cylinders be stored inside?

Please see our HSE Guidelines page for more information and guidance on the storage of LPG and compressed gas cylinders/bottles.

Q) I am still unsure of how I store my gas bottles?

A) We have a wealth of information on our website, see HSE Guidelines. There are also links to other websites which you may find useful.

Further information:

  • Delivery is FREE to Mainland UK. Please Contact Us for delivery outside of Mainland UK
  • All dimensions quoted are external.