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HSE Guidelines to Safe Storage of LPG Cylinders

Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) includes commercial butane, commercial propane and mixtures thereof as defined in British Standard BS:4250.
In general, the precautions to be taken in handling LPG are similar to those applying to petroleum spirit but in particular, all persons concerned with the handling of LPG should be familiar with the following properties.

General Storage Information

Storage of Cylinders on Vehicles or Trailers

Storage of Empty Cylinders

Leak Detection

Fire Precautions
It is recommended that the fire authority should be consulted in case of all storage in excess of 1000 kg regarding fire fighting equipment, water supplies, means of access for fire fighting appliances, protection of fire fighting personnel and arrangements generally to ensure an early call to the Fire Brigade in the event of a
fire breaking out.

Fire Extinguishers
Fire extinguishers should be and should be selected installed and maintained to BS 5306 Part 3. Dry Powder fire extinguishers should have a rating of at least 223B and comply with BSEN 3. The dry powder extinguisher(s), should be located in easily visible positions near exits, at perimeter of the store and in safe positions on access routes between stacks. Under 400kg of LPG requires 1 x 9kg Dry Powder Extinguisher. Over 400kg of LPG requires 2 x 9kg Dry Powder Extinguishers plus 1 per additional 10,000kg in excess of 5,000kg (e.g. 25,000 kg = 4).

Table 1

Types of Building
Shops or Offices
Maximum quantity of LPG cylinders or cartridges Remarks
(a) With residential accommodation 15kg Unless 60 minutes fire resisting separation is provided between the two occupancies with no direct access between, when up to 70kg may be stored.
(b) Without residential accommodation 70kg Not more than 5 cylinders or 20 if the maximum capacity is 3kg. No cylinder must exceed 20kg capacity.
(c) Demonstration area (outside designated area) 50kg Not more than 4 cylinders and 6 cartridges


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